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Home Builder Marketing: Do Press Releases Help Keyword Rankings?

Home Builder Marketing: Do Press Releases Help Keyword Rankings?

Home Builder Marketing

Home builder marketing involves a variety of tactics, one of which is optimized press releases.  Although you don’t want to flood media outlets with spam, if you have a newsworthy topic for a press release, write one and take the time to optimize it. Not only can press releases help build brand recognition and referral traffic, when optimized with keyword anchor text links they could also help improve rankings for those keywords.

While internet marketing today is not as focused on keyword rankings as it was in the past, you do want your site to rank high in search results for keywords potential customers might use to find the products and services your business offers.  We know keywords in anchor text links still help, but does backlinks in press releases help increase rankings of those keywords, or do search engines dismiss signals from press releases?

Looking at the results of a press release Forthea recently wrote, optimized and distributed for a home builder client, it would appear they do help. Keyword anchor text links included “Houston home builders” and “Houston area home builders”. Rankings for those keywords improved as shown below:

Keyword Rankings

Looks good, right? However, we had added on-page SEO to the new client’s website about a month prior to distributing the press release, so we couldn’t attribute increased keyword rankings to the press release any more than to the optimized title tags and other on-page revisions.

We then looked at numerous keywords in press releases recently written and distributed for other clients. Rankings for nearly 87 percent of keywords used in anchor text links showed some improvement after press release distribution. Was it the backlinks? If so, it was likely influenced by how often the releases were shared through social media and who shared them as well as where they were published. User metrics of visitors following the links could also determine whether rankings continued to rise or fall. Many factors impact keyword rankings, and rankings do fluctuate, but if optimizing press releases could make a difference, take the time to do so.

You must be smart when building backlinks, especially in Google’s post-Penguin world. Less than half of your backlink profile should include money keywords, and those should vary. However, if you need to build backlinks with or without keywords as anchor text to improve the percentage in your backlink profile, press releases can help.

Do you use press releases in your home builder marketing? Do you notice benefits? Tell us about it!

Terri Stevens
Terri Stevens is an SEO specialist for Forthea. She loves to travel, especially aboard cruise ships (floating casinos!), and spends free time with family and enjoying the outdoors.


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