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Google’s Penguin Update Changes the Game for Website Page Rankings

Google’s Penguin Update Changes the Game for Website Page Rankings

Since Google rolled out their latest Penguin update the gales of controversy have slightly cleared up, as many SEO specialists and websites are in total recovery. Google’s Penguin update targeted poor and over-optimized on-page SEO – specifically, duplicate content and spam resembling links. The businesses hit the hardest mostly involved early adopters of SEO and those businesses are now seeing traffic, rankings and conversions decreased dramatically.

A number of lessons were learned from the Penguin update; however, one very guileless lesson that stood out to our SEO team the most was to always remain real and relevant. Perhaps you can think of it this way; if you’re searching for Thai food in Houston, firstly you will most likely click on a site that is ranked in the top 3 positions, furthermore, you are also going to choose a business whose website has relevant content that’s been written for your eyes, not just the search engine’s. Consumers are looking for a website that resonates with them and what they are searching for. Although, the search engine provides us with the information we need, it is the individual who is searching for that specific piece of information.

In SEO, content still remains king, nonetheless, take this update as Google’s way of reminding internet marketers to always place the focus on the customer in addition to the search engine. In other words – optimize for humans.

As an agency, we’re working on using broader and more comprehensive search terms and phrases, going after more concentrated link-building opportunities as well as producing relevant, real and balanced content.

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  1. David 5 years ago

    Great article. Really! Especially like and agree with “relevant, real and balanced content”.

    • Sabrina Gilmore
      Sabrina Gilmore 5 years ago

      Thanks, David! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned into our blog!

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