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Google Partners All-Star Summit – The Second Time Around

Google Partners All-Star Summit – The Second Time Around

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I was lucky enough to be among the Forthea PPC team members that were recently invited to visit the Google headquarters in Mountain View to participate in the Google Partners All-Star Summit for the second time.  Fellow Forthean, Matthew Newhouser and I were excited about representing the agency and learning new strategies and about Google products, as well as being in the company of a select handful of elite PPC agencies from around the globe – also the thought of an endless supply of food, coffee and adult beverages was extremely intriguing!

As previously mentioned, I was excited about learning new strategies. I’m always looking to expand my knowledge by reading new articles, watching webinars and bouncing ideas off of fellow PPC’ers about strategy, planning, testing, and optimizations. There was definitely no shortage of any of that at the summit. The invited event speakers were nothing short of insightful and provided a wealth of thought provoking knowledge about Google Adwords, Google Analytics, YouTube, and Google Plus. With that being said, I can only take so many guides, best practices, how-to’s, and screenshots of pivot tables in Excel (don’t get me wrong, pivot tables are amazing) before my head explodes!

PPC, the Real World, and Predicitable Irrationality

I drew the most inspiration from things that make me think beyond pivot tables and Google Adwords scripts. Don’t get me wrong, a deep understanding of Excel and Adwords scripts is essential to optimal PPC campaign performance, growth, and profitability. For this reason, I really enjoyed listening to David Bell illuminate the crossover between the real-world and the digital word and Anne-Marie Farrell discuss behavioral economics.

David Bell – a professor of marketing at the Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania and author of Location is (Still) Everything – spoke about how and why our real world situations affect our digital behaviors. Bell provided his excellent GRAVITY framework (Geography, Resistance, Adjacency, Vicinity, Isolation, Topography, and You) to help us better understand how a digital business can be successful in particular physical locations. The book is an awesome read for any digital marketer or business owner. I highly suggest you get a copy!

Anne-Marie Farrell heads the Irrational Lab at Google which applies the principles of behavioral economics to better Google’s product and marketing strategy. Prior to this event, I’d never really given much thought into behavioral economics (a method of economic analysis that applies psychological insights into human behavior to explain economic decision-making) and how it can help with building long term successful PPC strategies. In her presentation, she mentioned something that resonated with me: as human beings, we’re predictably irrational. Farrell provided captivating examples of how framing, relativity, and social proof could be difference makers in accepting satisfactory results or going full steam ahead towards exponential growth.

I had a great time at the Google Partners All-Star Summit. Non-stop PPC, Google Analytics, and social insights are a dream come true for any passionate search engine marketer. I came back with a great deal of knowledge and look forward to applying these new ideas, strategies and avenues to catapult Forthea’s clients to the next level.

Keep an eye out for PPC extraordinaire Matthew Newhouser’s recap of the event along with a lot more pictures!

Davis Baker
Davis is the PPC Team Lead at Forthea and a digital advertising veteran of six years. Outside of the office, you can find Davis running, riding his dirt bike, or searching for the perfect cup of coffee (freshly ground and brewed with a French press. Anything less just won't cut it).


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