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Google Creates Emotional Connections

Google Creates Emotional Connections

Google Creates Emotional Connections

Most of us hate sitting through countless commercials. I know this because I am one of those people. Recently however, I’ve come to find that there is one specific company who I believe puts out the BEST commercials. You may say I am biased, of course I am going to say Google, I work for an interactive marketing company, but I really wouldn’t bother if it weren’t true. I spent some time recently browsing Google commercials on Youtube and found myself an emotional basket case toward the end. Google’s keen sense for creating emotional connections with their products and then strategically and artfully relaying those emotions onto their commercials is amazing. Still not sold? Take a look for yourself and feel free to vote on your favorite, leave a comment or share an idea. I have a feeling you’ll be glued to the TV the next time one of these commercials interrupts your favorite program.

Dear Sophie


Parisian Love

Make It Happen

New Dad

Hanging Out Made Easy


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