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Foursquare Special Fail

Foursquare Special Fail

foursquare specials

I checked into my local car wash on Foursquare and was so happy to see I had unlocked their Foursquare special. But my excitement quickly disappeared when I saw what it was. A website link that I couldn’t click on to a printable coupon! Sorry Quick Quack Car Wash I don’t carry a printer in my purse.

I thought about talking to an employee to see if they would still honor the coupon. But I’ve had a bad experience trying to explain a Foursquare Special to a McDonald’s manager that I just decided to forget it.

The bottom line is: it’s great that businesses are using Foursquare. But, if you are going to offer a special, make sure Foursquare users can take advantage of it.

The best thing to do for redemption is to include a specific coupon code for employees to enter into the point of sale system. Also, make sure all employees are trained on the Foursquare specials and how to process them.

Regarding adding a website link in your specials. It’s a great idea, but make sure it is working. Foursquare now allows you to add a live link to your special. You can also use your web link to host a QR code or bar-code to be scanned at POS.


If you’re a business owner using Foursquare how do you make your specials easy for your customers and employees? Share your tips in the comments section below!

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