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Forthea’s Survival Guide For SXSW Survival Guides

Forthea’s Survival Guide For SXSW Survival Guides

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It’s only a few days away from one of the biggest conferences for techies, nerds, geeks, social media enthusiasts, and any other label you want to add here…. SXSW Interactive. If this is your first time going to SXSW, you are probably freaking out right now. So instead of freaking out, why don’t you check out one, two, or all of these “SXSW Survival Guides”. Even if you’re not a SXSW newbie you might learn something new,  I know I did.


GSD&M SXSW Survival Guide

This is by far my favorite SXSW survival guide and it’s done completely with Pinterest. Check this guide out for pinboards on the best venues, parties, drinks, gear, day trips, food, refresh ideas, and of course “the weird”.

SXSW Amateur Hour Is Over

Our friends at the Black Sheep Agency are at it again! My favorite survival tip is to eat tacos for breakfast. Except I would also add eat crepes for breakfast or for lunch. Every year I go to SXSW I make sure to visit Cafe Crepe.

SXSW Guide To Surviving The NerdPocalypse

He’s been attending SXSW for 18 years, so if I were you I would listen to what Brad King has to say. My favorite tip Brad mentions is be nice. I subscribe to this philosophy as well and always make an effort to say “hi” to the person sitting next to me in a panel.

How To Hustle SXSW For Fun & Profit

Danielle’s survival guide is written from the angle of SXSW as a place to do business and of course have fun at the same time. It sounds like she knows how to hustle like Gary Vaynerchuk…

SXSW 2012: Survival Guides by Sean Couch

Sean Couch has put together a nice survival guide with a few different things than the other survival guides out there. New to SXSW this year is a bike sharing program. Awesome idea and the bikes even come with a light and commute bag. Also, included in Sean’s survival guide are instructions to the SXSW smart phone app with a helpful instructional video.

SXSW Survival Guide

Our friends at Integrate PR have also put together a nice list of SXSW survival essentials. My favorite is to bring your cell phone charger. I’ll add one more tip; I ended up buying a special phone charge/case in one last year at the EXPO. It added a whole days worth of battery life onto my phone. If you’re thinking about getting one of these get one now, probably a lot cheaper than at the EXPO.

Pinterest Board: DO512 Professional Guide To SXSW 2012

Pinterest is all the rage for SXSW as many people are finding it useful to set up pinboards dedicated to it. Here’s a great one from DO512 showing you the best essential gear, places to eat, and fashion.

So… are you ready now? We’ll see you in a few days. Find us on twitter @Forthea or my personal twitter @jhaubein and say hi – we would love to meet you!

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