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Forthea’s Holiday Planning Guide

The 2015 Holiday Season is almost here! I know, I know. You’re filled with two uncontrollable emotions: disgust of the Christmas Creep and fear of the unprepared. Luckily, we can help you with one of those. Our condolences for the advancement of the Christmas Creep, but it’s unavoidable. Those working in marketing need to be prepared for the holidays before civilians can even think about their first purchasing experience.

As online marketers, we need to take advantage of the next few weeks so we’re prepared for the oncoming rush. Get prepared with Forthea’s Holiday Marketing Calendar and rule the holidays (cue maniacal laughing).

The Time Is Now

When in doubt, always go back to your Boy Scout roots! We all know that the holiday season is a large percentage of most businesses yearly revenue so a plan for the Holidays should be a year round consideration. However, for most business owners living in the real world, that is often not realistic.

Don’t waste any more time procrastinating. Download our guide or contact the professionals, RIGHT NOW.

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What Can You Expect in the Forthea Holiday Planning Guide?

1. Embrace Mobile

It’s no longer 1999, the old mantra “People don’t convert on mobile” is outdated. If your mobile users aren’t converting, that’s because you’re not providing them with the experience they need. Embrace the mobile, and read this awesome post by our very own Chad Ostroff to get all the information you’ll ever need to make sure your customers mobile experience with your site is a positive one.

2. Remarketing

The holidays make it tough for smaller businesses to compete. The larger online retailers throw a large portion of their yearly marketing budget at the web these months and with limited real estate, competing with the big boys for highly competitive terms is often a losing proposition. Remarketing solves this issue in that through the use of segmented audiences, you have a direct channel to people familiar with your brand that doesn’t rely on costly keywords nor hindered by text limitations.

3. Ad Copy

Most companies will create ad copy that acknowledges the Holiday season, but very few write ads that take into account the how close the Holiday may be and what factors, aside from product availability, help nudge the potential prospects into customers.

  • Early Bird Shoppers – EBSs want to be rewarded for being so together that their shopping is done before Thanksgiving. Free shipping, low price guarantees or deep discounts will sate their appetite for reward.
  • Black Friday – Valuable promotions specific to 1-2 day, extended hours, in-stock, rain check and (sadly) messages of safety and security resonate with those who see Black Friday as the day they get the best deals available.
  • 11th Hour – Guaranteed shipping for the Holiday is the best option here, but last-second discounts or an in-stock guarantee work well for the shopping procrastinator.

4. Marketing Automation

In 2015, it’s time you started taking marketing automation seriously. As you’re collecting data throughout the holidays, creating automated email messages to send to your growing email list will take some pressure off during crunch time. If a user has given you an email address, don’t let it go to waste.


Don’t let this year’s holiday season sneak up on you. The holidays are a busy time for everyone, so do yourself a favor and get ahead of the curve now so you can be on autopilot when the calendar flips over to December. Holiday planning seems like a big chore (and it is, mostly), but use our free holiday planning guide take you step-by-step through how to prepare your website for the holidays.