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Forthea Weekly: ROI, Applications, & Nerd New Years

Forthea Weekly: ROI, Applications, & Nerd New Years

11/11/11 Is “Nerd New Year”

As most of you might be aware, today is Veteran’s Day, yet it also marks the Nerd New Year, otherwise known as 11-11-11. November 11, 2011 marks the very last binary date of the 21st Century – a highly noteworthy date at that. However, that’s if you choose to believe in the power of numbers (which most of us do here at Forthea). If you decide to miss out on this date’s celebrations, you might want to reconsider because the next six-digit binary date will happen in a little over 88 years – to be exact; January 1, 2100. The streets of Redwood City in Silicon Valley, California will be filled with tech geeks and numerology nerds, specifically for an “outdoor hackathon and party” which will include the countdown to the “Nerd New Year” which is exactly 11:11 PM tonight. What will you do to celebrate this binary date?


The name quite simply says it all. Talkto is an application that allows you to text any local business, (yes, text) just as you would text message one of your friends. Talkto also makes sure that you will receive a response back. All businesses can access talkto – from hotels, restaurants, and retail stores, talkto allows customers to interact with businesses before they decide to make a trip to the actual location. This not only helps the business but the customers as well.  It allows the business to serve their customers quickly and efficiently. Talkto can ultimately lead to better communication and a higher ROI – two aspects your business should always shoot for! What do you think of talkto? Will you use it?

Think Quarterly: Power to the People

Meg Pickard’s article in Google’s Think Quarterly touches on community and cultural interactions between people as well as the lack thereof. Pickard explains her morning routine; wake-up, get ready for work, wait in line, catch the bus, etc. Although Pickard may see the same familiar faces conjuring around the bus stop, what’s lacking is the relationship between one another, between the ‘familiar strangers’. Pickard explains, “People’s activities, relationships, and social groupings online are just as valid and interesting as those in the ‘real’ world. Behind those hundreds of millions of screens are real people, in real communities.” It is an indefinite shift in our society and our cultural surroundings – a shift in technology and the times, if you will. Read the rest of Pickard’s article here. Drop us a line and let us know what you think! Will social media become humanity’s go-to source for interaction?

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