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Forthea Weekly: Twitter’s Ad Platform, Art Basel, & Social Media Lead Generation

Forthea Weekly: Twitter’s Ad Platform, Art Basel, & Social Media Lead Generation

Twitter Launches Self-Serve Ad Platform

It’s about time Twitter launched a self-serving advertising platform! While, it is still in beta testing and only available to a small number of advertisers – the platform is positioned for growth in the near future. David Angotti of Search Engine Journal quotes, “Twitter has indicated the new platform will be rolling out to a much larger group of advertisers in the coming weeks.” Adam Bain, Twitter’s chief revenue officer, stated that, “the return on investment for marketers is insane.” The 3% to 5% conversion estimates for Twitter ads are much greater than the archetypal 0.5% conversion rate that display ads typically generate. Intrigued? Read the rest of the article here.

Preview: Underbelly Project @ Art Basel 2011

This year Art Basel will host its 10th Edition from December 1st through the 4th of 2011. Art Basel is one of the most admired art shows in the Americas. Located in Miami Beach, Florida – Art Basel is compromised of more than 260 leading galleries from Europe, North America,  Latin America, Africa, and Asia – all showcasing pieces, exhibitions and works by more than 2,000+ artists of the 20th and 21st centuries! If you are headed to Art Basel this year, be sure to check out the Underbelly Project . The Underbelly Project was created in 2009 strictly as an underground exhibition located underneath the streets and in the subway tunnels of New York City. The Underbelly Project was fated for daily passerby’s and spectators for a source of unalloyed inspiration and artistic insight. If you aren’t headed to Art Basel this year, (no worries) check out the preview of the Underbelly Exhibition here and let us know what you think! Beautiful, isn’t it?

7 Reasons You’re Not Generating Leads from Social Media

As most marketers are aware; social media marketing is a great tool to utilize for inbound leads. Analyzing your audience, building relationships, and monitoring your reputation are all aspects of a well thought out and researched social media campaign. However, providing content that builds engagement and generates leads can sometimes be a challenge. Perhaps you’re not providing relevant or valuable content to accommodate your target market? Or, conceivably, you’re not evaluating the success of your social media activity. Either way this article can help you to evaluate what is not helping you generate leads from your social media endeavors. Looking into social media marketing? Take the first step in your success and give us a shout!

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