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Forthea Weekly: Social Tracking, Creative Inspiration & Social Timing Insights

Forthea Weekly: Social Tracking, Creative Inspiration & Social Timing Insights

Inspiration Feed

The title really says it all. On Inspiration Feed, stimulus can be found in the form of tutorials, photographs, design, typography, and articles. All hail Inspiration Feed! There are tons of resources that lend a helping hand to beginning designers and even advanced digital artists – the inspiration is limitless. You can even discover free Adobe Illustrator vector brushes and sleek Word Press templates. If you’re ever in a creative bind or need a bit of stimulus Inspiration Feed is a great source to visit. If you’re interested in a re-design or a new website for your business check out our custom website design.

Social Tracking Integrations for Google Analytics

About a week ago, the Google Analytics team announced an authorized combination with social sharing services AddThis & ShareThis. Google’s blog post read:

“To enable the integration for all of your AddThis buttons, you are now just one line of code away, and ShareThis users don’t have to do a thing. If you have Google Analytics installed, and you are using a ShareThis widget, simply login into Google Analytics and check out your new social reports!”

However, there are still a few tweaks in the system that needs to be worked out. The main issue being; social data cannot be sorted or filtered. For example, if you manage a PPC account that also comprises CPC data the social data will also pull through. Conversely, this is great news for marketers and website owners alike – social metric reports include data from social sharing applications such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. What do you think? Excited for what’s to come?

Social Timing

Argyle Social readdressed the social media timing topic and not only did they research through 250,000 posts and 5 million (yes, million) clicks but they also put together this Social Timing Insights infographic. Two of the key insights taken from the infographic include data concerning B2B and B2C marketers. B2B marketers get 14% better engagement on Twitter during the week, and (our Twitter feed would second that statement) and B2C marketers get 32% more engagement on Facebook during the weekend. It makes complete sense, although seeing the data is what truly matters. Check out the rest of the infographic here and educate yourself!

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