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Forthea Weekly: Social Media & Creative Design Related Reads

Forthea Weekly: Social Media & Creative Design Related Reads

Maturing the Social Media Market with Data

Silentale, a start up with a flagship location in Paris as well as with offices in NYC and Montreal, actually filters over all figures and data collections that are spawned from a product, brand or service’s Facebook Fan page foundation in order to benefit and target their internet marketing efforts. Furthermore, Silentale digs much deeper in order to recognize why it is the customers are engaging as well as to what gave them that first initial push to get involved.

Silentale’s CEO, Laurent Féral-Pierssens, mentioned that there is an amazingly deep amount of information found within every Facebook Page – personal and brand. He quotes,“There’s data that can help improve the community management of the Pages, such as the metrics found in Facebook Insights, but more importantly, there’s rich information that can be derived from fan behavior, their posts, comments and likes, to help enhance core business operations,” said Féral-Pierssens. “What most brand managers and business owners currently see through the standard tools is mostly focusing on community management challenges, covering metrics that are not related to their business.” Read the rest of the article here. If you’re interested in our social media services see what Forthea Internet Marketing can do for you!

Can Yelp Help Independent Restaurants Drive Chains Out of Business?

GOOD may be onto something and we couldn’t agree more… Most of us tend to use Yelp when we’re thinking of a great new place to eat. We read the reviews, see what folks are saying about the local eateries, and quite frankly scan the articles if they’re worth eating at. GOOD has explored the totality of Yelp’s bearing on local businesses as well as the complete restaurant market itself. Yelp has shifted the public’s buying cycle by creating a type of social situation. Who better to listen to than the person(s) who have already eaten at your restaurant of interest? Read the rest of the article here…


UCreative is a site dedicated to design and the arts in general – in fact it’s like a social network for the creative professional. Not only can you share your ideas, your work and ask for advice but you can also showcase your work and shamelessly self-promote yourself all at the same time! There are categories up for discussion as well as blog posts with designer insight. Check it out for yourself! Are you inspired?

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