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Forthea Weekly: Posts on What’s Inspiring Us Most

Forthea Weekly: Posts on What’s Inspiring Us Most

“Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being…”

Today we’d like to honor Steve Jobs. He was truly an innovative mastermind and visionary genius. Steve created something so amazing that he himself forever changed the world. From the interface, to the design, to the entirety of Apple products; humanity is now bettered because of them. Jobs was an inspiration to all of us and may his legacy live on forever.

What Was Your Biggest Mistake & What Did You Learn From It?

Mistakes – we’ve all made them, we will all continue to make them throughout our lives; some bigger than others. At times you’ll sometimes find that the mistakes you make will indefinitely lead you to a better place. Like the phrase goes, “where one door closes, another opens.” And it will open if you’re ready or not.

Siri: From App to Apple & Beyond

Siri is and has always been a virtual, voice operated system. Think of Siri almost like your personal assistant – a personal assistant that is now readily available to the public via the iPhone 4S, come October 14th. Almost-human, channeling between the thought process of the iPhone 4S and the device owners themselves. Think of Siri as rocket science made ever so simply. “Apple has done a spectacular job … of showing how it’s natural,” quotes Norman Winarsky vice president of SRI Ventures and co-founder of Siri,  “It is natural language. That’s the beauty of it.” Check out the rest of the article here. What do you think of the iPhone 4S? Will you upgrade?

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