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Forthea Weekly: Posts on What’s Inspiring Us

Forthea Weekly: Posts on What’s Inspiring Us

Don’t Overthink It: 5 Tips for Daily Decision-Making

Sometimes in life and in the office we have to make decisions fast – lightning fast. In the article above, Glei touches on trusting our intuition and experience as well as considering the different kinds of intuition involved in our inward rational and decision making process. There are so many occurrences when we overlook our very first intuitive thought that comes to mind, but little do we realize that we should trust it. Read more here.

Site Inspire

Are you a business owner considering a re-design for your site? Perhaps you are in the process of building your very first website and you have no idea where to begin. Don’t fret, Site Inspire is one of the very preeminent and inspirational tools you can find! Instead of surfing the web or trying to remember what that cool site was that you saw the other day, just visit Site Inspire and you will discover an entire world of creative and innovative ideas for your website – even navigational aid! Check it out today!

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels

Google has now introduced the Multi-Channel Funnels that connects your marketing channels to create sales and conversions! (We have been waiting a long time for this and we couldn’t be more excited about it!) Google Analytics now shows which channels your customers have interacted with during the 30 days prior to purchasing or converting. The conversion path data includes not only interactions with several media channels but clicks from organic and paid searches, affiliates, display ads, and social networks! Did your jaw drop? Ours did. It’s absolutely amazing, isn’t it? Check out the video here!

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