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Forthea Weekly: Posts on What’s Inspiring Us

Forthea Weekly: Posts on What’s Inspiring Us

The Complete Google Algo History

For what began as a simple blog post compiling lists of specific updates and recent changes to Google’s Algorithm, has now manifested into the complete history of Google’s Algorithm changes. We couldn’t be more excited about it! Considering that the algorithm is perpetually changing, SEOmoz has created a document that changes with it. A “living document” as Dr. Pete explains in his post, and since Google does not announce official updates or list the changes made to the algorithm – SEOmoz has made a team effort to inform the SEO enthusiasts.


NOWNESS is one of the digital leaders in luxury storytelling.  It exhibits stories each day that influence contemporary culture, global lifestyles, the latest in fashion, gastronomy, art, film, music, design, and travel. It’s truly one of the most creative and original spaces out there. As a brand of the luxury group, LVMH, it remains a gaping podium for inspiring original content that is editorially independent.

Short of the Week

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Short of the Week, showcases some of the most inventive short films available for your viewing pleasure – and for free we might add. Short of the Week’s main goal is to “bring festival-quality short films to a broader, non-festival-going audience.” So in short…us. No pun intended! Featuring early short films by none other than Sofia Coppola and Joseph Piece, there is quite enough genres to go around for just about everyone. Are you in the mood for a satire or romantic comedy? You are simply a click away.

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