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Forthea Weekly: Posts on What’s Inspiring Us

Forthea Weekly: Posts on What’s Inspiring Us

The Food Truck Evolution

Not only are food trucks one of the hottest trends on the scene today, but something tells us they might be around for a while. All hail the Indie Food Truck Revolution!

For foodies alike, food trucks are serving up some of the most mouthwatering, gourmet foods at extremely inexpensive prices. What’s more delicious than that? A few of us Fortheans have been trying to track one down in particular: The Modular Food Truck in the Houston, TX area. Their menu is constantly changing and that’s even more of a reason to come back, we just need to try it first.  They are usually updating their twitter with their delectable whereabouts just in case you were as curious as we are.

The article above is a great peek at how social media savvy food truck campaigns are playing a big role in the popularity and adoption of these mobile eateries. We‘d like to see them stay around a while–roll on, good eats!

Inspirational People to Follow on Google+

It is too early to tell how successful it will truly be, but Google’s most recent launch into social networking with Google+ is inspirational, if for nothing else, its ability to tie together so many of their core technologies. Equally inspirational, are some of the top people using it that you can follow..  Enjoy and be inspired!

Personal Style

The website Style Like U is a personal style feed as well as a glimpse into the closets and personalities of the people who own them. This website is as creative as the people featured on it. When in need of a little “left-field creativity”– Style Like U is ready to satiate.

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