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Forthea Weekly: Posts on What’s Inspiring Us

Forthea Weekly: Posts on What’s Inspiring Us

The 8 Pillars of Innovation

Reading through this article in Think Quarterly you can’t help but be unequivocally smitten by Susan Wojcicki’s 8 Pillars of Innovation. Wojcicki, once Google’s sixteenth employee, now Senior Vice President of Ads at Google, not only voices her insights and personal experiences but also reaches the reader in a down-to-earth perspective. As she touches on the principles of innovation she mentions that, “Work can be more than a job when it stands for something you care about,” and she couldn’t be more spot-on. We’d like to go by the 5th Pillar and share this with you!

Happy Spotting

Happy Spotting is a global network of business marketers, entrepreneurs and CEO’s alike that aid Trendwatching.com to spot trend examples, while also sharing their user-discovered innovations. The recognized contributions are rewarded with specific points, which the user can then redeem for gifts. Who knew sharing your creative knowledge could be so rewarding?

A Creative Office Space

Last week at Forthea we were obsessing over creative offices spaces so much that we submitted our office photographs to this Mashable uploader. There is just something about a great creative office space that helps employees to work even better and more efficiently. We’d like to share our creative space with you. What do you think?

{images from here, here, and 3rd image taken by us}

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