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Forthea Weekly: Posts on What Inspire Us Most

Forthea Weekly: Posts on What Inspire Us Most

1. What should someone appreciate when seeing a logo?

This week we have been exceptionally inspired by graphic design. At Forthea, we would like to share our thoughts as well as knowledge on building a brand. So where does a company begin, one might ask? All hail– the logo. The graphic element that must say and connect it all. The entity that must affix its clientele to the company’s mission and vision. Building a brand is by no means simple, but once you have the creative team to get you started the logo will soon begin to speak for you and your company.

2. We Love Typography

Creativity is all around us, everywhere we look– it is now a click away for students, business owners, and entrepreneurs alike. Think street art to photo-shoots, editorials to email signatures, you can stumble upon inspiration in the places that you’d least expect.

3. Technology: PayPal Predicts the End of the Wallet

PayPal the fastest, virtual way to pay has just hit their newest milestone; over 100 million active accounts. President Scott Thompson announced his rather gutsy prediction; insisting that, “by 2015, the wallet will become a thing of the past.” We aren’t completely sure if we agree as we need our wallets for our favorite yogurt store’s punch cards, storage for receipts, gifts cards etc. However, we can understand where Thompson is coming from. Technology is always changing, it is a transient power and that alone is ever so inspiring.

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