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Forthea Weekly: Posts on What Inspire Us

Forthea Weekly: Posts on What Inspire Us

The Web & Business Tools Startups Use Most

Do you ever wonder what systems, applications, software programs, and web analytics tools your competitor is using? Well, we’re here to let you in on a little secret (okay, several secrets). This infographic is not only broadcasting startups most favorite tools, CRM, and payment processes, but it’s also informative in terms of what tools are out there. It’s no secret that startups and businesses today are moving towards more cloud-based operations and the B2B sector is only going to improve with those tools available. Intrigued? Us too.

One application that entrepreneurs are taking advantage of is FreshBooks, a painless, one-tool way of invoicing and billing clients. FreshBooks is essentially Quickbooks in none-other-than The Cloud. No license fees, software updates, or having to email your accountant your 100MB QuickBooks file…now that’s just dreamy!

The Interconnected World of Tech Companies

It’s like a game of who’s who, who knows who, and who worked where in the world of tech. As the article explains, it’s not actually the “tech world” but rather the “tech family”. We all start somewhere just as Kevin Systrom (co-founder of Instagram and former employee of Google), and Andy Rubin (founder of Android and former employee of Apple). Clearly good ideas are incestuous!


Are you sick of your ideas being limited to a whiteboard? Are your conference meetings lacking typical chalkboard space? IdeaPaint is a form of liquid paint that will transform your walls into the whiteboard of your dreams! Think of it as an endless canvas for your business, home or classroom–and voila the creativity begins!

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