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Forthea Weekly: Posts on Link-Building, Productivity, & Consumer Trust

Forthea Weekly: Posts on Link-Building, Productivity, & Consumer Trust

The Power of Using Lists for Link Building

As you may recall from my last blog post on SEO I mentioned that link building is a key factor in the world of SEO. Keeping a list of links for you link building efforts is one of the best things you can do for your organization, however, researching lists that have already been created on the web can often make your job even easier. Although, finding valuable lists and directories from the web can be challenging at times – you have to remember its quality over quantity when it comes to link building. Researching links found within lists should be second nature to you as a link building professional – the more a link is researched the easier you can diagnose it. Take the first step and research your lists. Lists can be found on specific websites, top x-type lists on other websites, public Twitter lists, and quality directories. The second step should be scraping through your master list and thirdly filtering through and prioritizing them. Read the rest of the link building list process here. Let us know what your link building technique is in the comment box below!

Productivity Tie-Breaker: How Will You Feel Afterwards?

Are you a short-term or long-term thinker? Are you the type of person that slides open their iPhone and sees 5 apps that need to be updated and you just have to update them right then and there? Or are you the type of person who saves a million documents to your desktop and can easily filter through what is what; the clutter doesn’t drive you insane. I, for one, am a short-term thinker. When an email comes in, I have to take care of it – when a task gets sent out I have read it and organize my time sheet, and when I have an app update I have to update it right then and there. Mark McGuiness the author of Productivity Tie-Breaker article is right, the short-term thinkers often have it the hard way. An email, quick question, or task assigned can often times work to our disadvantage – these small interruptions work as distractions for us short-term thinkers; leading us away from our work and leaving us to grapple with something less important at the moment. Read the rest of the article here to improve on your long-term thinking skills and may 2012 be a productive and powerful year for you!

Do Stock Images Affect Trust?

When searching the web do you find that Stock images tend to scare you away from a website? We’d have to agree. Good graphic design and a notable contact page can ensure customer trust – whereas stock images carry a sense of spam and declining service. Like the article on Search Engine Journal explains;

There’s more to designing a good contact page than adding a contact form and slapping on a graphic of a smiling face, although I will admit this is still a good practice compared to many of the sites I have seen while searching. Consider using internal resources, photos of staff and social badges as well segmenting departments to make it easier for your visitor to get in touch with whom they are seeking.

As internet users we are indefinitely creatures of habit and we learn from our internet experiences. What is your opinion? Do you think stock photos cause consumer distrust? Let us know in the comment box below!

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