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Forthea Weekly: Internet Marketing News & Creative Application Inspiration

Forthea Weekly: Internet Marketing News & Creative Application Inspiration

10 Common Marketing Mistakes

It’s true, I’ll be the first to admit that everyone makes mistake, although, it’s how we learn from them that matters most. Marketers are sure to encounter some trial and error by trying out new strategies, developing new social media approaches, and even testing innovative PPC ad campaigns. You’ll always be sure to dually note the mistakes you’ve come across, however, after reading this article a few more common mistakes have become more apparent than ever.

Marketing mistake number 3 caught us a bit off-guard; Letting market research trump everything. At Forthea, being such a data and results driven firm it’s always important for us to remember to trust our instincts where there are shades of gray. What we ultimately strive for are results and hard data for our clients – yet, we also have to be able to make decisions when there aren’t lines directly drawn in the sand for us. What are your opinions or some mistakes you’ve made in your marketing endeavors? Let us know and check out the rest of the 10 Common Marketing Mistakes here!

Fluid App

Essentially, Fluid App takes all of your most beloved web applications and converts them into an everyday desktop app. It’s straightforward, really. Think about the web applications you use in your day-to-day. I can certainly think of a lot – to name a few; Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Fluid App, for all intents and purposes makes your life much simpler by enabling these web applications to act as if they are desktop applications. So instead of setting your homepage to Gmail or Facebook, these apps are located directly on your desktop. There’s no need to open a browser, type, or search. It’s the simple things in life! What do you guys think?


Dribbble is similar to a game of show and tell for creative individuals everywhere. Designers, typographers, and developers alike share their “shots” which consist of small images of the designers work and/or applications that they are currently working on. When on Dribbble.com there are 3 ways that users can interact within the network; as a Player, as a Prospect, and as a Spectator. A player is a member of the Dribbble community who can post shots and comment on other designs and applications. A Prospect is someone who has indicated within their Dribbble settings that they would like to be drafted as a Player. A Spectator can be thought of like an agency or observer. Spectators can discover shots and follow design and development folks on Dribbble, although they cannot post shots and comments. Discover Dribbble for yourself, it’s addicting and inspiring!

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