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Forthea Weekly: Email Marketing – 4 Tips and Best Practices

Forthea Weekly: Email Marketing – 4 Tips and Best Practices

Email marketing and social media are two of the most personal forms of marketing available today. However, some would argue that email marketing has shifted into an impersonal manipulation of communication. Although, those who argue have probably fallen victim to failed email campaigns. At Forthea, one of our main email marketing goals is to always give our readers and our clients’ readers something of value. Without valued content, email marketing would be absolutely value-less. Content is king, and you should make sure to have an email marketing strategy that has been tested and works successfully.

Follow our 4 step email marketing walk-through below and your email marketing strategy should begin to take form;

Step 1:  Know Your Audience

Research and discover who it is you’re talking to. By building targeted email lists you can differentiate the diverse demographics within your mailing lists. Although, editing email lists can be quite a timely task, by doing so your email marketing strategy will be that much more effective. Filter, segment, and send!

Step 2: Create a Process of Persistence

As Jeanniey Mullen, partner and director of email marketing at OgilvyOne Worldwide, quoted, “After the customer has registered for future emails, downloaded your whitepaper, or entered your sweepstakes, there often is nothing to enhance that relationship. Companies need to think about what should happen next.” We, as marketers, must know what happens next. By creating a persistent email strategy your readers will know what to expect. Let’s say you produce content for bi-weekly emails or perhaps your company would like to send out monthly newsletters – you must be sure to research your persistent email plan. And of course, stick with it!

Step 3: Design with Branding in Mind

Your email marketing templates should always include your company logo and company colors for consistency and uniformity. This will ensure that your emails will be familiar and anticipated. Fonts can also work to your advantage to deliver tone and mood within an email.

Step 4: Engage and Ask for Feedback

When the email sender asks a stimulating question and beseeches a response this is not only good for social communication, but it also shows the reader that you care about their response. Asking for feedback is also a way to test your content.

What are some questions you have about email marketing? Ask them in the comment box below and we’ll be sure to answer them!

Forthea’s mission is dedicated to helping clients achieve their full potential online through superior marketing that’s delivered with unsurpassed customer service and professionalism.


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