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Forthea Open House

Forthea Open House

Last night, Forthea held an open house to celebrate the opening of our new office on 2727 Allen Parkway. With friends, clients, and partners filling our office, the Forthea team was excited to show off our new office.

To highlight our three primary service areas: SEO, PPC, and DEV, we designed a handful of REBUS, or visual riddles, illustrating parts of our field. See if you can guess each (answer hidden in the image alt text).


Back Link Link Building Page Traffic Rankings Robots TXT


 Target Audience  Geo Targeting  Landing Page Search Network  Match Type

Web Design and Development

 Java Script  Page Speed  Pixels I Frame  Browser Cache

While these were fun ice breakers, our open house sought to bring people together that typically interact through a digital interface. We had a great time and want to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone that took the time to come out to see us.

If you weren’t able to make it, don’t worry, this won’t be our last event and we hope to see you next time. For now, thanks to our wonderful partners in the event Arcodoro for delicious food and Oh Snap! Selfies for lots of fun.

Ryan Chauvin
Ryan is a senior specialist in corporate marketing at Forthea. He’s worked on everything from SEO to social media marketing and he spends his downtime obsessing over the New Orleans Saints on his blog The Black and Gold Review.


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