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Forthea Friday – A Week in Review

Forthea Friday – A Week in Review

While we love to flex our digital marketing muscles (we’re all geeks at heart), today we wanted to take a few minutes and give you insights into our busy week here at Forthea! From work anniversaries to a new mascot and everything in between, it’s been a great week.

We’re busy working tirelessly for our clients, but sometimes it’s worth taking a moment of self reflection once in a while, so we’re making today Forthea Friday in honor of all the great stuff happening. If you want to join our team, you’re in luck!

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A Pair of Anniversaries

First, we wanted to give a couple of employees a big congratulations on their five year work anniversaries! Davis Baker and Terri Stevens have both been with Forthea since 2010 and have helped shape the strengths of our agencies. As PPC (Davis) and SEO (Terri) experts, these Fortheans continue to lead the way by showing everyone their dedication, smarts, and expertise.

Congrats to you both, and those are some spiffy watches!

Work Anniversaries

Our PPC Hero

Earlier this week, Hanapin Marketing unveiled their 25 Most Influential PPC Experts for 2015. This list of PPC experts is decided through voting, research, and some gerrymandering and after all the options were weighed, Davis Baker came in as 15th in 2015s list! Earlier this year, Davis spoke at the 2015 Hero Conference in Portland on applying behavioral economics to PPC.

Check out the full list on PPCHero.com or congratulate Davis on Twitter.

Davis 15

Top Dog and Big Fish

What’s work without a little fun? In our quarterly town hall meeting this week, we unveiled two new awards to honor excellent work. On the right, Natalie Hoben is bearing her teeth as she poses with her newly minted Top Dog award! This individual award represents the top achiever of the quarter. Natalie has been knocking it out of the park lately, so this is well deserved! Not to be overlooked, Emily Geoca is showing off our other new award. Karl the Trout is given to the Forthea team that shows the biggest increase. Emily and her team (Katrina, Davis, Jennie, and Nima) are making everyone proud!

Meet Fortuna

Did you know that Forthea’s name is derived from the two ancient Gods Fortuna (Roman) and Thea (Greek)? These two mythological figures represent the analytical and creative side of our agency (you can read all about Forthea’s name here). Today, we’re introducing the newest member of the Forthea team, Fortuna! He’s here to bring us fortune and luck, so say hi!



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