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Finding Fitness at Work

Finding Fitness at Work

Workplace wellness is a topic that can be easy to push aside. Many workplaces and employees alike place little emphasis on this important topic. Well over 50% of Americans spend more than 40 hours per week at work.  With such a significant amount of time being spent at work we cannot forget to instill habits of health and well being throughout the work day. At Forthea, we work to encourage one another to lead healthy lifestyles and stay fit both at home and in the workplace.

Employers will see the benefits in the teams expressed through higher productivity, decreased health care costs, more positive employees, higher attendance rates and an overall happier workplace. There are multiple ways for employers to encourage and motivate their team to be healthy at work. Listed below are a few opportunities that can be easily implemented to create a big health benefit:

  • Send out health, dietary or fitness articles via email once or twice a week to encourage healthy eating and exercise
  • Help promote healthy snacking by only providing healthy snack for your team throughout the day. This could be fresh fruit, nuts or multigrain crackers
  • Engage in physical team building activities. During dedicated team building time look for opportunities that will engage physical activity such as a ropes course or a team volleyball game
  • Use your influence to create a gym membership program or negotiate discount rates for your employees to encourage exercise outside of the workplace

Employees are equally responsible for seeking opportunities to engage in finding fitness in the workplace. Being healthy and active at work can also help to provide a happier home life with more energy after work and an overall better home environment. Listed below are some more helpful tips and tricks for individuals looking to enhance their wellness at work.

  • Bring your lunch to work – oftentimes a healthy lunch from home is easier on the wallet and the waistline
  • Stay active by taking the stairs as often as possible and parking your car farther away on purpose. Employees can also replace their chairs with exercise balls or take a walk around the building on their break. The fresh air and sunshine will help to energize you for a more productive afternoon of work
  • Replace the morning coffee and afternoon sodas with hot tea with lemon and honey and cold drinking water
  • Practice simple stretches in your chair to help relieve tense muscles during the work day and whenever you leave for a restroom break
  • Encourage others in your workplace to practice these habits as well – working as a team will help to build community and healthy conversation and relationships at work

I am hopeful that these basic practices and helpful tips will assist you in finding fitness at work. I will leave you with this supporting infographic from http://comerecommended.com/ which includes practical ways to work out in the workplace. Please feel free to ask questions or leave a comment on your experiences.


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