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Your Fantasy Football Draft Picks and SEO Have More in Common Than You Think…

Your Fantasy Football Draft Picks and SEO Have More in Common Than You Think…

Your Fantasy Football Draft Picks and SEO Have More in Common Than You Think…

Around the end of August every year, something beautiful happens: football! High school fields light up, college stadiums pack with rabid supporters, and avid fans start plotting their fantasy football picks. Grills ignite and cook up delicious assortments of hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks and chicken kabobs. Ice cold beer flows like lava from Mount St. Helen’s. A bright array of colorful jerseys donning different numbers and names flood neighborhoods, arenas, schools, and occasional Fridays at workplaces. Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays (with the occasional games on Tuesday and Wednesday) suddenly become the most important days of the week.

People gather in groups at a local watering hole, house or office and sit down to mark the beginning of this glorious season, football season. More specifically, the fantasy football draft. Yes, it is glorious indeed. For some it may remain glorious, for others it may quickly darken and smelter like the Texans’ 2013 season.

When fans make their fantasy football picks and build their ideal rosters a lot can happen, independent of their beginning selections. Injuries, trades, and several other things can either boost fantasy points or throw a wrench in your original plans. Regardless, doing a little bit of homework can go a long way.

Researching players, stats, injury proneness, and more can help fans in finalizing their fantasy football picks. Looking into player strengths and weaknesses and how they contribute to their team and opposing teams is also key. This type of research can involve a lot of time and energy, but can greatly affect how happy someone will be about three months down the road.

Does this sound familiar to anything else? Possibly it sounds familiar to another practice that requires a good amount of research and usually displays positive or negative changes about three or so months later? If you’re thinking of Search Engine Optimization, you’d be correct.

Choose Competitors Wisely

JJ Watt

Source: culturemap.com

Like fantasy football, search engine optimization (SEO) is an ever changing game. If you plan on going in blind or auto drafting every time, Godspeed. Fans must have some sort of strategy or method to their madness when picking their fantasy football team. I’m talking relevant strategy, not a misguided or underdeveloped one. Selecting and trying to rank for a “pretty” term (i.e. drafting JJ Watt just because you think he’s the equivalent to a Greek God) such as “hair salon” when you are a three person shop in Wharton isn’t going to get you very far. On the other hand, trying to cheat the system by adding bad backlinks in an effort to try to boost visibility will penalize you.

However, before you focus all of your attention on who should pick, take a look at potential competitors. Gaining an accurate idea of how they will stack up against your own offense and defense can go a long way. If you have Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel, you may want the more seasoned pro starting against your toughest competition. SEO works this way as well.

• When selecting keywords you look at the competitive ratio to see what you’re up against.
• If you have a keyword with low search volume and a high competition ratio, it’s most likely not a key player. Don’t waste a roster spot on a keyword with no upside.
• Similarly, Mom&Pop’s Pizza Shop doesn’t have as high of a domain authority as Papa John’s. Mom&Pop need to focus their competitive efforts on Pete’s Pies down the street, and avoid wasted spend against industry giants.

Dominate the Draft

Just like fantasy football, as mentioned earlier, SEO is ever changing. That’s why you’ve got to stay on your game with keyword research. If “hair salon” is too general of a keyword, you need to think about making a trade for something with a higher return. Thoroughly look at all of your options available and do your homework.

A 4.9 and a 4.4 comparison for a 40-yard dash time can make quite a difference, just like the distinction between “Hair Salon” and “Hair Salon Wharton TX”. To better see just how great the difference can be, there are several resources out there for disposal. For example, Google Keyword Planner provides information for average monthly searches, click-through-rates, and much more. Other tools such as WordStream generate free keyword recommendations, which you can then test.

Also take the time to audit your site: check your content, URL structures, domain authority, inbound and outbound links, and social signals. These will all come together to play a crucial role in a website’s performance.

Winning Lineup

Once your picks are made, the job isn’t done. Small tweaks and optimizations can mean the difference between winning and losing. Taking the time to optimize content on your site by implementing effective title tags, meta descriptions, keywords, and more, really allows your site to achieve greater visibility. In addition to optimizing site content, promote it through social media, paid ads, etc. Let people know the quality of the content you created, or stellar team you drafted.

Manage and Track Your Fantasy Football Picks

Maintenance is also critical in both fantasy football picks and SEO. Checking in consistently to see how your team is performing is critical for success. Similarly, checking to see how your keywords are performing is also crucial.

Football, at the end of the day, like SEO, is business. Maintaining and growing your profit and avoiding injury are of the upmost importance. If you’re not paying attention, your star player could end up with a torn ACL, or suspended for the rest of the season. Likewise, Penguin and Panda may have done their damage initially unbeknownst to you, dropping you off the prized first page of SERPs.

Wrap Up

 Fantasy football and SEO have a lot more common than one may think. Each are constantly changing, capturing attention, creating both stress and satisfaction, and also demanding you to get creative.

If you need help preparing your SEO game plan, contact us today. Think of us like the SEO Matthew Berry – always ready to dish out advice.

Natalie Hoben
Natalie is a digital marketing specialist at Forthea. Natalie is a proud Texas Aggie (in a sea of Houston Cougs) and a huge fan of the Texans, Red Wings, coffee.


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