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Embrace Your Geekness Day

Embrace Your Geekness Day

Embrace Your Geekness Day

In a technical driven, social media maven world, it is hard not to embrace your geekiness. Most of the population spends hours a day on their smartphone connected to apps, emails, and social media accounts.

Technology is a part of our everyday lives at Forthea, especially in our field of interactive marketing. Even before the technology driven world consumed our lives, each of us carried a geeky quality or two, whether it was spending countless hours playing video games, weird items, or obsessing over space operas.

In honor of “Embrace Your Geekness Day”, we interviewed our team members around the office and asked them to share their geekiest trait or answer a defining geek question. Here is what they had to share.

Brace yourselves, as I’m sure you will be able to relate (it’s okay to admit it).

Mac or PC?

“I’d definitely have to say for the past four or five years, the geekiest thing about me would be my dedication and love for Apple products. It started off when I got my PC laptop stolen in college. I had a good paying job at the time, so I decided to purchase my first Apple product – the white Macbook. I was familiar with Apple, but I didn’t know it would change my life forever! After a few years with my Macbook, I realized I can do anything with Macs and never had to worry about viruses or malware.

*Editor’s Note: Viruses for Macs Exist*

I decided to give my mom my Macbook and upgraded to the Macbook Pro for more storage. My mom was very skeptical about switching from her beloved PC to a Macbook, but after showing her the ropes, she also turned into an Apple fanatic. We both still own our Macbooks and iPhone and I’ve managed to turn some of my other family members on to Apple over the years. Still no viruses, either!”

*Editor’s Note: Again, this is a misnomer*

Callie Arnold

Star Wars or Star Trek?

“Star Wars, obviously. Obviously. This is obvious, right?

Anyway, even if this is a still a question in some people’s mind, it definitely won’t be when JJ Abrams (who also chose Wars over Trek) makes approximately $264 billion dollars in the box office with this year’s new Star Wars movie. Have I mentioned there’s a new Stars Wars movie? Well there is one and it looks great. I’m so #TeamStarWars here that I somehow signed up for the Star Wars Challenge (that’s a 10k AND Half Marathon) this January at Disney Land. I’m still not sure how I got convinced to do this, actually. I’m 90% sure my wife Jedi Mind Tricked me into the race.

Anyway, I won’t hold that against Star Wars because when it comes to space operas, there’s nothing better.” – Ryan Chauvin


“My favorite video game of all time is Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. It’s an old Japanese video game, and is basically what you would get if Street Fighter and Tetris had a love child. My roommate during my sophomore year at Florida State got all my friends hooked, and we would stay awake all night long having ridiculous tournaments. You truly cannot understand how addictive this game is until you play it. The obsession we had with the game was total.” – Katrina Kokoska

“The geekiest thing about me is that I still love to play board games. One of the “geekiest” games I play is called Settlers of Catan. Not only do I play this game, but I also have almost all of the expansion packs! I even have a travel version when there isn’t enough space for a full-blown board and game pieces. It’s a lot of fun and doesn’t take too long to learn. The board changes each time so you never know who has the upper hand when it comes to winning the game.” – Jan Ma

Geeky Collections

Embrace Your Geekness Day“I am the world’s biggest “Walker Texas Ranger fan. I own every season on Blu-Ray and will still watch an entire marathon when I happen on it. My car license plate is even a vanity copy of the one he had on his truck. Geeky and pathetic.” – Jon Bowers

“Movie Posters. My plan is to have a room in my house that is devoted to being nerdy/geeky, where my future family can play our favorite games, and watch movies and TV together, just have fun and a place to get away. I’ve currently got 10-15 posters hung up in my dining room turned study/geek room. – Chrysah Pederson

“Recently, I’ve started collecting toys of all the animals associated with the major updates to both Google’s algorithm and search platform – Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird. Currently looking for a pigeon!” – Nima Alagha

Digital Media Overload

“I’m pretty geeky in that I really look forward to Whiteboard Fridays from Rand of Moz every Friday. If it’s not up by the time I get to work I get a little worried.” – Natalie Hoben

“I did get really into blogging for a while. It was a lifestyle blog, I guess, so the content itself wasn’t geeky, but boy did I geek out over the design and how to bring in more readers. Many an hour was spent reading and commenting on other blogs, planning out content, and studying competitors for ideas and motivation. I even went to a blogging conference with a couple friends! We now laugh at ourselves for being such dorks.” – Emily Geoca

“Well, I’m not sure if this is geeky or just plain weird, but I manage an Instagram account for my tuxedo munchkin cat (@koopathemunchkin) and he has over 2,300 followers. It definitely takes up a lot of my time because I try to post every day. I spend a lot of weekends doing “photoshoots” of my cat, which results in hundreds of photos and usually only 3 usable photos. My cat is pretty much my life.” – Jennie Lane

We know our office can’t be the only geeks. Comment below and share with us your geekiest trait!

Roberta Higgins
Roberta is an account manager at Forthea and a proud Baylor Alum (Sic’em Bears!). Roberta spends her days working on project management, client services, account management, and more. Away from work, she’s addicted to cycling classes, family time, and live music.


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