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Dynamic Call Tracking

Dynamic Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Track Phone Calls from your website & connect revenue to search marketing

Dynamic call tracking is a proven method of determining return on investment for search marketing. Through Forthea’s proprietary software, you can track leads, search marketing’s contribution to revenue and help train your sales team. Below, learn from our Houston internet marketing team about dynamic call tracking, how you can track phone calls from your website, why you should use call tracking analytics and where to get started.

What is Dynamic Call Tracking Software?

Our dynamic call tracking software is comprised of two parts:

  1. A simple web code rewrites phone numbers based on a lead’s source, such as paid search (PPC), organic search (SEO) or social channels.
  2. A software platform uses the code to record and track phone calls from your website.

How Does Dynamic Call Tracking Work?

The Call Tracking Code

Forthea’s dynamic call tracking code is a small code snippet that is placed on each page you’d like to use for call tracking. The code is easy to install and acts on direction from the call tracking software platform. Our web developers can often place the lines of code in one or two template files and cover your entire website.

When users visit your website, the code will rewrite the text phone numbers to a trackable line based on the method they used to reach your site. For instance, if you’re tracking PPC leads, phone numbers will only rewrite when someone arrives from paid search ads. The lead will always see the unique tracking number and you’ll know a quality lead came from internet marketing efforts. Many Forthea clients track both multiple locations and multiple lead sources. The accountability from tracking phone call leads across PPC, SEO and social media is both exact and powerful.

Forthea dynamic call tracking process.

Click to expand call tracking process thumbnail.

In your office, the call tracking is seamless. You can choose whether or not to use a special number that notifies staff a tracked lead is calling. To learn how you can track phone calls from your website, contact our internet marketing team.

Call Analytics Software

Dynamic call tracking is controlled through Forthea’s proprietary platform. During the project setup process, the Forthea team customizes call tracking to your marketing goals. As customers and leads find your business, explore detailed call data and high level insights to prove ROI to your organization. For example, you can listen to actual, specific conversations when you track calls from your website. Additionally, the dynamic call tracking provides executive-level data such as campaign performance and trends.

How Can I Log in to My Call Tracking?

If you are a current user of Forthea’s dynamic call tracking, it’s easy to use! Click below to visit your login screen. Have you forgotten your credentials? Call or email your Forthea account manager, they are happy to assist your team. If you like call tracking, but don’t use it in your marketing yet, the Forthea team would like to help you get started. Please follow the inquiry link below to get in touch with your account executive.

Wrap Up

Dynamic call tracking is a game changer for your business, marketing and sales. The Forthea marketing team wants you to get the most from your internet marketing. Please contact us today, we’d like to help you fully harness the power of call tracking for leads, revenue and sales.

Nick Lindauer
Nick is the vice president, client services and operations at Forthea. He’s been working in internet marketing since 2002, when – ironically – he answered an ad in the newspaper. When he’s not at work, he’s off spending time with his family, working on his house, building furniture, cooking on his two Big Green Eggs & brewing hot sauce.


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