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Dr. Pepper 10: Got You Talking…

Dr. Pepper 10: Got You Talking…

Have you seen the new Dr. Pepper 10 ads yet? Well, if you’re a woman this new Dr. Pepper is apparently not for you. This bold new ad campaign’s tagline reads, “It’s not for women”, and even though it’s meant as a joke it has caused some waves. If you do a search on Facebook for Dr. Pepper 10 you’ll see several fan pages and groups started to either ban the new ads or support them. At least Dr. Pepper has people talking about them again.

In support of this new product and campaign, Dr. Pepper launched a Facebook application aimed at men. At first I thought I wasn’t allowed to participate, because I am a woman. However, I was still able to use the app and see what the male users were up too. That’s good, because if that wasn’t the case that would have been a mistake on Dr. Pepper’s part. As part of this Facebook app, guys can call out their friends who have created a Facebook page for their pet, taken a picture of their meal, and many other things that Dr. Pepper 10 deems unmanly.

Personally, I think even though this advertising strategy has the potential to offend some female customers, who might not get the joke, it is the right move for Dr. Pepper 10. If you aren’t offending some people in your advertising campaigns you’re probably not doing something right. A middle of the ground advertising campaign appealing to everybody just isn’t going to get people talking.

In fact, according to Dr. Pepper, about 40% of people who have tried the soda so far are women. I even saw when searching the web, a video of a woman drinking a Dr. Pepper 10 and pretending it had an effect on her. Now the question is will men really buy into this “manly” campaign like Dr. Pepper 10 hopes they will? That I’m not sure.

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