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Designing a Website in One Month or Less

Designing a Website in One Month or Less

Designing a website in one month

Breakups are hard, but business breakups are even harder. Recently, we had a client that went through a “business breakup.” With the principles of the company going separate ways, Forthea faced a unique web design challenge. Not only did we need to design and launch a new website in less than a month, we also needed to rebrand, divvy up the existing content, and optimize the site before relaunch.

How did we do it, you ask? No – we did not drink coffee by the gallon or rip out our hair by the handful – we had a great team of experts come together and then kept them on a strict time management system!

If your business needs to build (or rebuild) a website in less than a month, you can contact Forthea today (no time to waste!) or follow these steps.


Choosing the right domain is critical for business success. GoDaddy is one of our go-to domain registrars when selecting and purchasing a new domain. For companies, domains should reference the company name and should be easily searchable.

Luckily, our client already had a new company name chosen, so after some research Forthea was quickly able to provide a list of possible new domain URLs.

Business Logo

Branding is extremely important when beginning a new business or revitalizing an existing one. Logos promote instant recognition and are the first items needed to successfully execute a new website design. This is a vital step for any new business, so we suggest spending more than a month working through your brand identity, but the best laid plans…

In our case study, the logo and branding was executed quickly because the client already had a new business name and knew how they wanted to be portrayed. We met with them and created a logo to reflect just that. After a few back and forth design revisions, we were on our way to success!

Website Theme

WordPress themes are great for saving time and money (not to mention, many of them are responsive off the shelf!) With mobile devices exceeding PC internet usage now, it is highly important for new websites to work across all devices. If you’re designing a website in a pinch, modifying a premium WordPress theme can create a unique look without spending hundreds of hours in development. Some of the biggest sites on the internet – including The New Yorker, BBC America, and Best Buy – are built on WordPress, so you’re working with the best.

When we worked with our client to design their new website, we discussed how the client envisioned the site Forthea chose two themes and presented those different visions to the client. They chose the site that they preferred and after some minor color and styling tweaks, we were on our way to a completely personalized responsive website.

Content & Imagery

Let’s face it – you can’t have a website without any content or images. If the website design you choose relies heavily on images or text, take those burdens into consideration. Drafting thousands of words of content can be time consuming and you’ll need proper permissions before posting images to your business website. If you’ve got existing marketing materials, be sure to leverage them in the new site.

In this particular situation, we were able to split up the current website content, optimize, and implement fairly quickly into the new website. Forthea assisted with the updated image selection by using purchased images through some stock image foundries like Shutterstock and voila! After testing the new website was ready for launch.

Project Timeline

All the elements of a site design can become overwhelming and unwieldy without a good management tool. We rely heavily on Smartsheet for all of our one-time web design projects. Smartsheet allows us to create timelines, WBS, Gantt charts, and collaborate with all resources involved. Because we had such a quick turnaround, Smartsheet was a great user friendly tool that was able to hold everyone accountable for.

Smartsheet Timeline

Forthea was able to turn an unfortunate situation for our client into a new opportunity. We were able to build a strong relationship with the client and pushed ourselves to produce high quality work within a short period of time. This just goes to show that with a little bit of time and effort anything is possible!

Chris Pappas


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