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Design Candy: 2012 Edition

Design Candy: 2012 Edition

Sometimes as a designer you get into this whole creative-funk. Especially when your consistently working on one type of project for most of your time. For me, that’s mostly web design. So whenever I get into those dreaded creative funks, my favorite thing to do is scour the web for inspiring content. Be it design-related/crafting/drawing/architecture, it always helps to see what other people are doing and creating.

So on that note, here are a couple of inspiring finds that will satisfy your designer sweet tooth and help you get your inspiration flowing again:

The Fundamental Elements of Design – Love the illustrations in this short piece as they briefly go through some of the most important elements in design.

The Fundamental Elements of Design from Erica Gorochow on Vimeo.

Firefox – A short animated piece done by Poke London, illustrating Firefox add-ons. Amazing motion work and illustrations.

Firefox (2011) from Poke on Vimeo.

The Conform chair by NY artist/industrial designer William Lee. A very geometrically-inspired shape is used in the chair’s design that makes it look almost misshapen. The woven elastic that makes up the chair’s seat “conforms” to the body of the person who sits in the chair.

Conform Chair

Conform Chair

Love this piece by Stuart Whitton, where he created an alphabet based on drawings of wrinkled clothing.

Stuart Whitton Alphabet

Stuart Whitton Alphabet

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