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How to Build a Landing Page: Best Practices

How to Build a Landing Page: Best Practices

As an internet marketing company, we always push the envelope for driving search traffic to our clients’ websites. Particularly, our Houston SEO practice focuses on non-brand organic search traffic. Non-brand organic search refers to customers searching for something they want, not someone they already know. The landing page is the entry point for a user’s travel throughout your site. It must be user friendly, easy to read and concise. Creating an effective landing page consists of a variety of factors.

Headlines: How to Write Magnetic Headlines

Your headline is your first impression. We know immediately if we are attracted to anything. Compel your reader to follow through to your link. Offer special incentives like discounts, deadlines, or show how the supply of your product is limited. Do not be vague with wording and content, the key is tight-focus; cut to the chase. Tell the user how you’ll meet their needs and what problem of theirs you will solve by their conversion. Always guide and deliver on expectations. The goal is to gain the viewer’s click, then deliver and influence them to stay on your site.

The Fold – What goes where?

It is essential to keep the fold in mind. The fold, is often forgotten in landing page best practices. Structure is key to your landing page. Your primary call to action (CTA) should always be located above the fold. A lead should not scroll within the landing page to locate your primary CTA. Your user should see the most important information first.

Clutter – How to avoid a Messy Landing Page

When you build a landing page, there are many elements to consider. Your page can quickly become cluttered. Remember, simple is better. Visuals are great aids to readers, but can easily create clutter within the landing page. Consider strategic planning for best use. Clutter distracts from the overall purpose of your page. It can cause your audience to quickly leave, making your page useless. Bullet points are an easy method to eliminate clutter and make an aesthetic space. Use photos to break text apart and eliminate text heavy “clumps” on your landing page. Below is an example of what you do not want in a landing page.


Convince – Through Features and Benefits

When building your landing page, immediately make known the benefits of your services or products. List off awards received over time. Explain to the viewer your unique selling proposition (USP). What makes you different from your competition? What sets you apart? Break down the reasoning in an easy and understandable way, without using marketing jargon.

Reviews & Testimonials – Let Them Be Heard

Landing pages need to build a connection between your site and potential customers. Online reviews are an excellent way to build credibility and trust. Users often turn to the web to see what others are saying prior to making a purchase. You can improve your credibility among users by embedding reviews from Google or Yelp alongside a product.

Calls to Action

The call to action (CTA) is a critical factor of landing page best practices. Using contrasting colors between your CTA and the rest of the page will make the action”pop out” to the user. You want to guide your audience to further action like a download or a conversion and eventually a sale. Identify the CTAs your audience needs for your services. Use action or descriptive phrases like download now, call today, reserve, limited, and new. For more on color usage, see below.



                Image Courtesy of: KISSmetrics Blog

Build and optimize your landing page so it can be regularly tested. Allow sufficient time to pass for data to accumulate before considering changes. Time allows data to accumulate. From there, a decision can be made if change is necessary.  Prepare an A/B comparison test between two versions. Also, strategically and consistently place your company’s logo to your landing page. Maintain some common themes between your landing page design and website. Your users should always be aware of whose page they are currently visiting. Share this blog with your marketing department and copywriters. If you liked this article, visit our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+ pages for the latest digital marketing updates. To learn more how landing pages should fit into your Houston PPC or SEO efforts, contact our team online. Did we miss anything? Share your suggestions in the comments.

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