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At Least They’re Apologizing, but is it Too Late for Netflix?

At Least They’re Apologizing, but is it Too Late for Netflix?

As a current Netflix customer, I received yet another email from Netflix apologizing. This time they are apologizing for their horrible decision to re-brand and split the company into two companies. They listened to us and the stock market and decided to keep streaming and DVDs all in one place.

The big question on everyone’s mind “is it too late?” Personally, I have decided to cancel my one DVD a month plan and keep the streaming Netflix service. But I wasn’t really using their DVD service. For those customers who were using the DVD service, it’s a whole different story.

After reading the comments on their Facebook page it seems most customers are still unhappy. People don’t like change and don’t like price increases for no reason.

As a streaming customer I can understand that I can no longer get DVDs and streaming for the same price. They have to have the funds to pay for the movie studios in order to obtain streaming rights. Although, there is no justification for the DVD only 60% increase in price. Netflix has not made the DVD service any better than before – so why the price increase for DVD only members?

So far, Netflix has lost at least one million subscribers and they have no plans in mind to change their new pricing structure. So is it too late?

Personally, I don’t think it’s too late for Netflix given how bleak their future is looking. As long as they don’t make yet another mistake they have to apologize for. If they continue going down their current path with DVDs and streaming under one house, they probably will survive this. But it’s going to be tough competing with Amazon, Hulu, TV Everywhere, Blockbuster, and RedBox.

When comparing prices with Blockbuster’s DVD delivery service, Blockbuster is two dollars more expensive. But Blockbuster has deals with the Movie studios allowing them to receive new releases 28 days before Netflix. Will DVD customers make the jump to Blockbuster?  What do you think? Are you a current or past Netflix customer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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