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An Interview With a Forthean – Part 1: Sabrina Gilmore – Social Media, Email Marketing and SEO Extraordinaire

An Interview With a Forthean – Part 1: Sabrina Gilmore – Social Media, Email Marketing and SEO Extraordinaire

If you’ve read any of my past blog posts you’d notice that they mostly take on the subject of PPC strategy, tactics and news. Taking a break from the awesomeness of PPC, I decided to interview someone from each department at Forthea and learn about the awesomeness of their job.

Hailing from San Francisco, today’s featured Forthean is our office foodie and fashion expert, Sabrina Gilmore (@sabrinagilmore).

What is your primary role at Forthea?

Social Media, Email Marketing and SEO.

How long have you been doing it?

A year and a half with Forthea Interactive.

What do you enjoy the most about it?

It’s fun, creative and most of what I do is data driven and easily trackable which I love to show off to our clients.

How do you feel social media fits in with other forms internet marketing?

I find that it supplements SEO and email marketing; allowing a constant dialogue with the consumer that is open and informative. I believe social media will grow exponentially this year and into 2013.

Describe your daily “routine” at work?

I always set a schedule for myself, daily in order to get my tasks organized for the day. My days commonly consist of writing copy, devising approaches for new email campaigns, engaging with consumers via social media platforms as well as working on on-page and off-page SEO strategy. I’m a busy woman!

Where do you get your inspiration for creating social media strategies and ideas?

I start out by investigating and exploring my client and then I pull in depth competitive analyses to see what the competitors are already doing within the social space. I then strategize and examine how I can make my client that much better. For example; what is the competition lacking? Where can they improve? Etc…

How do you stay up to date on the latest social media trends?

I read the headlines, I watch all webinars, I download ALL whitepapers and EBooks and I always try to stay inventive. We work in an industry that is ever evolving, therefore it’s imperative that I stay on top of what’s going on in all social and email spaces.

Do you have an ultimate work playlist?

I definitely do and it differs depending on what I’m working on. When I’m writing copy, I go for a more instrumental, lyric-less tune— maybe something to the likes of Mogwai or classical like Philip Glass. If I’m working on reports, or something that doesn’t require too much brain power on my end, I’ll reach for something like The Black Keys or Rolling Stones.

What is your number one, go-to metric to look at to gauge whether or not a campaign or strategy is successful?

For social media; engagement, clicks and impressions are my metrics of choice… and thanks to a special social reporting tool, conversion tracking is my #1 go-to metric!

What do you get the most joy out of as far as results go?

Conversions, conversions, conversions!

What is the biggest change in social media in the last 5 years?

Social media is one of the most recent and up-and-coming additions to the marketing mix. I’d say the biggest change in social within the last 5 years would be the exponential expansion of all these social networks. From Pinterest to Google+ to Instagram, there really is a social platform for everyone and anyone. However, mastering the way you use and operate these platforms from a brand’s perspective is where you must focus your attention as a marketer.

What kind of changes do you see happening to social media in the next year?

I foresee an integration and supplementation with SEO in the near future. Considering Google’s prominent Penguin Panic, so to speak, off-page strategy has become more difficult than ever—this is where I find social fitting in and supplementing the power of SEO.

Stay tuned for next week’s featured Forthean, Terri Stevens!

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Davis Baker
Davis is the PPC Team Lead at Forthea and a digital advertising veteran of six years. Outside of the office, you can find Davis running, riding his dirt bike, or searching for the perfect cup of coffee (freshly ground and brewed with a French press. Anything less just won't cut it).


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