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5 Reasons Your Current Website Doesn’t Work (Part 1)

5 Reasons Your Current Website Doesn’t Work (Part 1)

If your current website is not getting your visitors’ information and contacting them automatically, then what point is a website?

Most websites I see suffer from this mistake. Sure they look pretty, but what are they doing for you and your business?

1) Not Capturing Your Visitor’s Information
This is very important. In the online world, you have three to five seconds to make an
impression. Capturing their information in those first three to five seconds is critical. There is a very high probability that (unless you have a very high newsworthy or high value site and unless your visitor bookmarks you in their favorite browser), if you don’t capture their information on that initial visit and in those first three to five seconds, you’re going to lose them.

An easy way to resolve this is to add a sign up box to your website, collecting their first name and e-mail address. Now it’s really easy to add one of these and there are lots of services out there that you can use. But an important thing to remember when integrating this into your website is, you don’t want to hide the sign up box on your website. You want to make sure it’s on every page and especially your home page.

Another important thing to remember is don’t just say “free newsletter”. That does not
really sell it. You want to offer something for free and make sure you’re selling that. People
are very stingy these days with their e-mail addresses because they’re constantly bombarded with e-mails. But, if you give them something of value like free tips or a free newsletter, anything you think your potential clients would find useful from you, then they’ll sign up, plus be added to your mailing list.

It’s really a win-win situation. I think the best way to get people to sign up on your website is to offer a newsletter, an e-mail newsletter.

2) No Website Interactivity, Just A Static Site
Now, people get scared when I talk about this step. Video and audio just sounds so
complicated. It’s really not; it’s really easy to add these elements. There are lots of different tools out there to help you do this. The reason why it’s so important is because if you add audio visual elements to your website, you’re re-enforcing your written copy, and you’re highlighting the different calls to action on your website that you want your visitors to take.

It’s important to highlight that since people learn in different ways. Some people are very
visual; they want to read the website. Some people just want to hear it and that really
resonates with them. If you’re using your own voice or your own video, you’re establishing a trust and a bond with that potential customer just by visiting your website.

This does sometimes seem scary to business owners because it seems too hard to do or its
too expensive. If you have a personal video camera or a web cam, you can easily add
videos to your website. Don’t be scared of the technology. Technology can be a lot easier than you think.

And since I don’t want to overwhelm you too much in this blog post the next three reasons will be continued in Part 2.

To be continued….

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