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5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire an Interactive Marketing Agency

5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire an Interactive Marketing Agency

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Some may think it’s cliché that I chose to write on this topic. Go figure, someone working for an interactive marketing agency is telling me why I need their services. Think what you may, however, there are many credible reasons why it truly is important to jump on the bandwagon and hire an agency to do the work for you.

I have taken the opportunity to list out five paramount reasons why you might want to reconsider your need for an interactive marketing agency.

The speed of online evolution – Chances are most of you do not have the time to consistently and continually bring yourself up to speed on the daily changes in the interactive marketing world. Many agencies, including Forthea, require daily training and ongoing certification testing including webinars and live seminars to ensure that their staff is informed on all recent and upcoming trends within the industry. This continual training makes agencies, like ourselves, experts in our field and helps us to stay atop the latest changes as the internet realm continues to grow and evolve daily.

Expertise with specialists – Alongside the constant changes involved with internet marketing there are also many different categories to be considered. Today companies are looking to expand their presence in email marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click management, search engine marketing, e-commerce, web development and social media. Wow, that’s a lot of different categories to be an expert in! With an agency companies will be able to work with specialists in each field; these highly trained teams or specialists or individual specialists understand the ins and outs of their unique practices and will help you reach your internet marketing goals with professionalism and poise. Let go and let the specialists do what they do best, by allowing these experts to take over your internet marketing segments you should feel an overall sense of relief and assurance that the job is in good hands.

Return on investment – Typically the number one reason why any business desires to incorporate internet marketing into their marketing plan is to increase their ROI. According to the Direct Marketing Association, “Email marketing is bringing in $40.56 for every dollar spent on it in 2011, compared to catalogs’ ROI of $7.30, search’s return of $22.24, Internet display advertising’s return of $19.72 and mobile’s return of $10.51.” Statistics have only improved since then and they prove that interactive marketing investments pay off; in 2012 66,000 new jobs were created in the internet marketing industry. Forthea and many other agencies like us work to acquire conversions for their clients; we don’t want people to only visit your website but also we want them to purchase something, come into your store front or schedule an appointment. Agencies have the ability to track this online traffic in conjunction with results and customer leads. Happy clients who have experienced a positive return on investment from an agency’s work could not afford to support the thriving internet marketing industry in our current economy without this one essential factor.

Competition – Keeping up with the competition is tough! Competition comes in all shapes and sizes and in a number of geographic areas. If you’re trying to fight the battle alone, don’t! Interactive marketing companies can help you expand your presence from locally or even globally. It’s called the World Wide Web after all so why spend your valuable time and money competing with the business across the street; instead companies should reach out on a bigger scale with interactive marketing components like web design, pay per click, social media and search engine optimization.

Social! Social media has taken over the influence of buyers tremendously in the past few years. Agencies will professionally represent your brand online on multiple different social media platforms in a way that conveys your brand and products the way you want them represented. Agency specialists who work in social media will have the experience to help sustain discussion and user engagement with both current and potential buyers. They will leverage your brand with quality and character allowing consumers to interact and connect emotionally with your brand. Thus, gaining consumer loyalty and relationships that will pay valuable dividends over time. The power and influence of well-done social media is incredible, optimize your social media presence on every platform possible with the use of an agency professional who knows what they’re doing and will do it well.

Regardless of what you decide, my hope is that you will now realize the significance and competitive advantage of hiring an internet marketing agency. The five reasons mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg, there are many more benefits and perks associated with hiring an internet marketing agency.

Forthea’s mission is dedicated to helping clients achieve their full potential online through superior marketing that’s delivered with unsurpassed customer service and professionalism.


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