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4 Solutions for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

4 Solutions for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Writing has never been an easy task. It is something that takes skill, creativity and most of all, it takes time. When creating an email campaign, monthly newsletter, or auto-responder sequence, it is key that you recognize the basics in the beginning.

Below are some of the most important steps to distinguish between before creating an email campaign.

1. Does the Receiver Recognize your Email?

Think about the first thing you do when you receive an email, the first thing you notice is who the email is from. Your email provider actually sorts through this internally to differentiate between your emails, spam and junk mail. As an email sender you always want to make sure the reader is aware of who you are. Emails like noreply@forthea.com or sales@forthea.com simply will not work and will most likely end up in someone’s spam folder. It’s best to try using a personalized email address. For example: sabrinag@forthea.com or sabrinasocial@forthea.com  for email campaigns and monthly newsletters.

2. Is Your Subject Line Compelling?

Think of the subject line as the end-all-be-all to your email campaign. Is your subject line boring or of no interest to your readers? Then, forget it. No one is going to open your email and certainly no one is going to read it. Listen up! You need to excite your readers! Let them know that they can find something of value in your newsletter – something that they cannot find anywhere else. Captivate them to get the click!

3. Prioritize the Importance of Your Messages

When spacing out specific sections of your email, make sure to begin with the most important message first – this way you get your point across quickly so that your readers stay informed. According to Jakob Neilson, screen readers read 25% slower than that of print readers, and 75% of people scan all online text. I can’t say it enough: get your most important message out there first.

4. Break it Up

You’re doing something very wrong if your email is too text heavy. Text heavy emails burden online readers. Images and paragraph breaks help to adjust the eye and format the email so that the reader is not bombarded by a sea of black and white text. Make it interesting!

What are some of your email marketing campaign tactics? Let me know in the comment box below!!

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